A Note From Our Pastors:
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One of life’s greatest blessings is hope! Hope is an optimistic state of mind based on the expectation of positive outcomes with respect to events and circumstances in our lives and in the world at large. To have hope means to trust in, look for, wait for or desire something or someone. It also means to expect something beneficial in the future. Christian hope is all of that and more. It is hope in Jesus Christ, a living hope based on His resurrection, the promises of God and the presence of Holy Spirit. Christian hope is not simply a wish or projection but a reality that shapes our lives and actions. Christian hope is confidence in God and assurance that He will fulfill His plan of salvation in our lives and in our world. It is a well known fact that life has its storms. It is not always an easy ride across a smooth/flat plateau. Life gets bumpy sometimes. We know that fact all too well. There are mountains and valleys. Often things don’t go like we want them to go. Sometimes the storms of life are raging and we feel overwhelmed, burdened and crushed. Sometimes we have to row against the wind … but we have hope because we have Jesus.

His and Yours,
Michele’s Musings
Hello GracePoint family. I pray each and every one of you are doing well today. As you probably know by now, dad will be having open heart surgery sometime this week. I will keep Jill updated so she can keep each of you updated.
Sunday, dad and I went to my cousin’s son’s graduation. Dr. Ned Lamb, with HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology, was the speaker. Dr. Lamb asked the graduating seniors five questions with scripture references.
1. Where are you being called? Genesis 12:1-3
God called Abram to leave his native land and go where God leads him. Abram, listened to God and followed His command. Are you following God’s call and going where you are being called?
2. How are you creating beautiful things? Exodus 32:1-5
God chose Bezalel, filled him with wisdom, understanding, knowledge and all kinds of skills to make beautiful crafts. Are you using your talents to create beautiful things, and are you utilizing your talent to the fullest?
3. Where are you seasoning and shining? Matthew 5:13-16
God calls us to be the salt seasoning bring out the flavors of this earth. We are here to be light, bringing colors to the world. God has put us on a hilltop, to be a light and shine. If you lose your seasoning, how will people taste godliness through you? Where are you shining your light for God?
4. Where are you serving? John 3:30, Matthew 23:11
God must become greater in us, and we must become less. Popular sticker I’ve seen shows it this way: HE>ME. If you want to stand out, you need to be a servant.
Are you serving where you need to?
5. Who do you need to thank today? Philippians 1:3
Simply put: I thank my God every time I remember you. He then challenged the seniors before the end of the week, the think of five people whom they need to thank for something that person has helped the senior in their life at some point. I challenge you to do the same this week.
I thank each of you here at GracePoint for the love and support given to my father and me over the past 16 months.
Have a blessed week,