Everyone learns differently. At their own pace. By their own methods.But everyone is capable of learning. Some just need a little help to help them put it all together. That’s what Learning Point is all about: helping your student put it all together on the road to their success in school.
Through building relationships with tutors and support staff who truly care about them, children will receive quality coaching through the tough spots in their classes. Students who start to see ideas all come together will do better in class, raise their grades, and most importantly raise their self esteem. Learning Point can help with that.
We meet on Thursday evenings, September through May from 6-7. And because parents want to stay close to their children, we have a space set up with soft music and coffee just beckoning for you to enjoy a few moments of relaxation and perhaps adult conversation. Think of it as an hour long oasis. 
If you are interested in Learning Point, fill out the simple contact form to the right. Someone from our group will follow up with you soon and get your student headed in the right direction: upwards towards success!